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Not on the list?

We accept most items if they have our required eBay value and they meet our size/weight requirements. If you have items that are not in the top selling categories you no longer use, bring them in for a free evaluation and potentially some extra cash.

For additional information:

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Tips for getting the MOST for your items!

Our goal is to get you the highest possible price for what you sell! We work to present your item in the best possible way in our listings.


Original packaging, manuals, instructions, receipts, appraisals, accessories — anything at all that you still have that came with the item — is almost always helpful in bringing up the final price. This is especially important for designer and premium branded items. Before you bring your items in, take a few minutes to find all the related materials you can. We must ask for authentication for designer brand items to protect buyers and meet eBay, Amazon and other online marketplace rules and regulations.

Flaws and Defects

Most of the items sold on eBay are used, and Buyers expect them to have some flaws and defects; but they must be disclosed in the listing! In fact, many Buyers are wary of purchasing “perfect” items which are not new. If you know of any flaw or defect in your item, tell us when you check in. If you do not, chances are we may reject the listing or we both will end up with a return from the Buyer, resulting in a non-sale for you.

Make It Shine!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that is certainly true on eBay. While we are more than happy to wipe off a little dust or a few smudges, we are not equipped to clean, polish or in any other way restore your item. Take a few minutes before you bring in your item to clean it up and really make it shine!

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