Motor Vehicle Listings

iSold It is proud and excited to offer you a simple way to sell your car, motorcycle, boat, ATV, motor home and other vehicles on eBay.

Our simple process combined with a flat service fee (no commissions!) makes it extremely easy and affordable. Why sell your vehicle through the newspaper when you can put it in front of millions of prospective buyers?

1. Your Personalized Appointment

You’ll set an appointment with one of our iSold It Motors consultants. You’ll bring your vehicle to our location where an iSold It Motors professional photographer will take between 20 and 30 photos of your vehicle. During this appointment you’ll also sit down with our experienced staff and create an account, review all the details about your vehicle, and receive personalized advice about how best to market your vehicle on eBay. Please allow approximately 2 hours for this all-inclusive appointment.

2. Your Vehicle Listing
After your appointment, your iSold It Motors consultant will be working diligently behind the scenes enhancing the photos, writing the descriptive copy, and processing all the information necessary to get your vehicle the maximum exposure on eBay. This process takes approximately 48-72 hours.

3. Let the Auction Begin!
With all of the information compiled, your iSold It Motors consultant will post your vehicle on eBay under the account you created (or provided) during your initial appointment. Your auction will now be live on eBay for a full 7 days!!

4. Your Role
Once the auction has been posted on eBay, you will begin to receive emails and phone calls from prospective buyers who will have questions about your vehicle. We strongly recommend that you answer these pre-sale questions in a timely manner. It is not uncommon for a potential buyer to fly thousands of miles to see YOUR vehicle!

After the auction has ended, you will be responsible for closing the transaction with the buyer. This typically involves receiving payment and the transfer of title. Unless you specifically tell us otherwise during your appointment, all of our iSold It Motors auctions will list the following terms for YOUR protection:

  • Payments for the vehicle can be made by cash, cashiers check, and bank wire
  • You do not accept personal checks or credit cards
  • 10% deposit due within 3 days, remainder due upon pickup or delivery within 7 days
  • This vehicle is sold as is without guarantee or warranty
  • Vehicle is for local pickup only from one of our locations in IL. If shipping, ALL arrangements and costs are the buyers responsibility.

5. What Does It Cost?

Service Description iSold It Fees eBay Fee
iSold It Service Fee $249.00
Re-list fee if there is NO SALE $129.00
Insertion Fee * $50.00
Transaction Final Sale Fee ** $125.00
Optional Fees
Boldface Title $4.00
Reserve $7.00
Optional Fees (these fees are all optional)
Full eBay Selling Account Setup $25.00
Photo Shoot at Your Location Minimum $40.00
*There is a non-refundable Insertion Fee for listing your item on eBay. Insertion Fee for an eBay Motors vehicle listing is $50:**eBay does charge a Transaction Services Fee at the time of the first bid on your listing (or if you set a reserve price, at the time of the first bid over that reserve). Just like Insertion Fees, the Transaction Services Fee is either $40.00 or $50.00 depending on what it is that you are selling:

  • $50.00 Transaction Services Fee for Passenger Vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.) and Other Vehicles (aircraft, buses, commercial trucks, RVs & campers, and trailers).
  • $40.00 Transaction Services Fee for Motorcycles and Powersports (ATVs, high-performance go-karts, personal watercraft, scooters & mopeds, and snowmobiles).

You will not be charged a Transaction Services Fee if:

  • there were no bids on your item
  • there were no bids that met the reserve price on your reserve price listing

Otherwise, however, you will be charged a Transaction Services Fee whether or not you carry out the sale with the buyer.