Just bring in your Beanies, and we’ll pay you cash on the spot for them.

Give your collection of Beanie Babies a new home! Like many people, you may have collected dozens or even hundreds of Ty’s lovable Beanie Babies during their heyday in the 1990s. And now, a decade later, you’re wondering: What do I do with all those Beanies? Perhaps you’ve even brought some of them into one of our stores, only to learn that the eBay market is already flooded with Beanie Babies.

You’ll receive $0.25 each for most Beanie Babies, $0.25 each for Beanie Buddy, and even more for certain very rare Beanies!  All you have to do is bring in your beanies to one of our locations, no appointment necessary!

Beanies need to be clean, in very good condition, with mint or near-mint swing tags and tush tags still attached. We may be able to arrange purchase of very rare Beanies without the tags. Sorry, but we cannot accept McDonald’s Teeny Beanies.

Remember, we handle all the screening, grading and shipping for you…it’s fast and convenient. So clean out your closet, bring your Beanies collection to us, and put a little jingle in your pocket at the same time!
Where Do They Go?
  • Carnivals
  • Vending Machines
  • Collectors
  • Some are shipped overseas