Watch the testimonial video on Youtube I made $100!


I was getting ready to move and I had some items I wanted to get rid of. I had an old collectible doll, and a purse so I brought them down to iSold It and in 4 or 5 weeks I had a check for $100.

by Rachael We are happy to help! Vintage dolls and purses sell great!

Watch the testimonial video on Youtube Friendly


I used iSold It to sell some designer items that I had. I had a few purses and a pair of sunglasses … they were honest, upfront and friendly. So thanks iSold It, I’ll definitely be back again!

by Michelle

Watch the testimonial video on Youtube A better guitar


About 20 years ago my husband’s parents bought him an electric guitar when he was in High School. He played for a little bit then basically let it gather dust but he kept on moving with it. So after we were married for about 5 years I took it out and buffed it out and had some lessons thrown in with a birthday gift and he got back into the guitar but by then this time he needed a better guitar. By this point I knew about iSold It so I brought it down here and we were actually able to sell it on eBay for the same amount that his parents paid for it over 20 years ago. It was about $150. The amazing thing though is that he’s still not Van Halen but at least he has a better guitar!

by Sarah

Watch the testimonial video on Youtube Estate Sale


So I had a family member pass away and unfortunately I had to deal with a lot of stuff.  A lot of stuff!  It seemed never ending.  I just didn’t want to give the stuff away … So I did a google search and found iSold It on eBay.  They came out to me, picked up everything they thought had value and sold just about everything on eBay… I had access to all the eBay auctions they did plus the best part was they handled everything for me.  I’m really happy I found them!

by Jeff

Watch the testimonial video on Youtube They Really Knew Their Stuff


I wanted to make this video to tell everyone how easy it can be to sell your items with the help of iSold It on eBay… I could tell that they really knew their stuff.  Everything sold that they took in and I received a check just a few weeks later.

by Paul

Watch the testimonial video on Youtube Honest and Up-Front


Hi. I’m making this video to tell everyone how iSold It on eBay has helped me sell my stuff… They were honest & up-front… And I have to say overall I am very happy!

by Claudia