eBay Pulls Gift Cards from Stores

October 15, 2013  |  What Sells

Are you looking to purchase an eBay gift card at your Jewel or CVS?  Sorry, you’ll be out of luck.  Searching among the Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Home Depot and Toys’R Us and restaurant cards hanging on the pegs of your local retailer gift-card racks, you’ll no longer be able to find eBay cards.

eBay spokesperson Ryan Moore said it was a business decision to stop offering the cards in retail locations – you can still purchase eBay gift cards on eBay.com, however.

Buyers started noticing the cards were getting harder to find earlier this year, and by September, they’d dried up completely.  This will be the first holiday shopping season without eBay gift cards in stores since eBay launched them in 2007.

Doesn’t make sense? We think so too.  Not only is eBay potentially losing out on acquiring new buyers who receive a gift card from a friend, many people purchased gift cards for their own use.