Ca$h Auction Schedule 8.17.10

Description: Lamp from the seduction scene. This is the actual lamp from the movie Ca$h. Stands 6′ x 14.5″ x 9″.

[cincopa 10704992]

Description: This is a wood divider from Mom’s House. Each panel stands 70″ x 20″. 3 panels total

[cincopa 10705114]

Description: This is a set of doubles of the painting that Sean Bean breaks in the movie. Each frame is 42″ x 29.5″, the artwork is 36″ x 24″.[cincopa 10705868]

Description: This is a room divider from the movie. Unknown scene. Measures 71″ x 21.5″ for each panel, 4 panels total.

[cincopa 10705904]

Description: This is a set of lamps that were used in several scenes in the movie. They measure 25.5″ x 9.5″.[cincopa 10705906]